Naturist camp site

The camp site itself is 6 ha and the 35 pitches are distributed over four meadows and six terraces and 5 are scattered all over the place.
The two gites (holiday homes) are next to the swimming pool and the three studios are located in the side wing of the Mas, above the camp site. 

Table d’hôte and first aid

We don’t have a restaurant but a couple of times a week you can join us for dinner. The table d’hôte always has a vegetarian option. 

In high season the baker delivers the bread you order the night before and, if need be, there’s always some whole meal bread in the freezer, next to the ice creams and the frozen cool aids. 

We don’t have a shop to speak of, but you can buy wine, juice, milk, homemade jams, pâtés and readymade chicken dishes as well as canned goods, sugar, macaroni, quinoa etc ,  

Campers, caravans and  cars

The last two kilometers are on a small and winding road with lovely views and doesn’t pose a problem for small and medium size caravans and campers, bigger ones have arrived safely, but then you need to be an experienced (mountain) driver. And please follow our directions and don’t put your faith on your GPS! 

For the well being of everybody, cars are allowed twice on the camp site: once when you arrive and he second time when you leave.

The pitches in the vine yard, the terraces, are not accessible by car, no electricity, not for big tents or small children, sun and shade and since one terrace = one pitch, very private and very quiet.

For people with small children or large tents, we advise the so called round meadow.

Room for your own initiative

There are no organized activities, except for the guided tour of the Mas and from time to time a walk at night under the full moon, or a ping pong match. Musicians are welcome to make music on the terrace in exchange for a meal, if you would like to organize say a match of jeu de boule, or if you are looking for somebody to walk with, want to propose a massage or whatever, contact us and we are happy to help you. 


There’s the pool of course and the children play ground, but they also enjoy playing in the woods just outside or underneath the camp site, or on one of the many unused parts on the campsite. The bigger children will easily outrun you on the walk to the second brook, which is great for their self esteem. Reckon on a stiff 15 minutes walk though some will need more but it’s worth the walk and all you need to wear is footwear!

Naturism and teenagers

We take for granted that people go naked, but if you are cold or burn easily you can cover yourself. 

The swimming pool, however, is always naturist even for teenagers, though they can walk around on the rest of the site with shorts or a pareo.

On the site

Live the adventure of a night walk under the full moon; relax in the free sauna; walk down to the brook; take a dip in the pool; join us for a meal or look for the many signs of wildlife. There are many rare or simply beautiful plants to spot or just listen to the magical sound of the big owls or the cicadas or simply relax, admire the view and enjoy the silence.

Map of the camp site